May 21, 2024 Republican Primary Election
voter information for Republicans in Fayette County *

Sample Ballot (unmodified)

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Endorsement Resolution of the Jessamine County Republican Party

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This webpage has been published by Robert L. (Bob) Barney a Republican in Jessamine County. Why is a Jessamine County Republican sticking his nose into the Fayette County Elections? The reason is simple, Jessamine County is located directly south of Fayette County and we share a common political border.

There are two state representive districts: State House Distict 45 and State House Distict 39. Each of those districts have Republican State Representatives that include both Jessamine and Fayette voting preincts in those disticts. Further, Jessamine County's State Senate Distict 22 includes ALL of Jessamine County and also contains a very large percentage of Fayette County precincts. And finally, all of Jessamine County, and all of Fayette County are in Congressional District District 6 and we have Andy Barr as our member of congress. As Republicans in both counties we have a LOT of shared and common interests.

The Fayette County Republican Party also provides Election information which you will find here:

Fayette County Republican Party - Elections

While Fayette County lists both Thomas Jefferson and Killian Timoney as Republican opponents for the 45th District primary election, the Jessamine County Republican Party has gone much further and has ENDORSED Thomas Jefferson over Killian Timoney. In addtion to the Endorsement Resolution which the party has published I have also set up my own website about that race:

My emphasis on that website is to provide factual information about both candidates, but in particular I address why the behavior and voting record of Killian Timoney shocks my conservative sensibilities. I would encourage you to examine those facts carefully, and underline that this primary, which affects both Fayette and Jessamine County, is of the utmost importance. Please make sure that you vote.

If you need more information, feel free to contact me:

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